right now, this is mostly a catalog for my art, and different original projects.

this site will not look right unless u are on desktop!!!!

this page and all others are subject to change rather frequently as i am still figuring out how i like things 2 look, but please, take a look around! if you wanna know more abt the cat creature who made this place, check out the abt :-3

here, take some fun games!

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Update 7/23/2023

ok, so moving has taken a lot more out of me than i thought. didnt really get to anything i said i would lol, but i have finally made the oc page! as of right now the only universe that has content and is mostly finished is Project:Mallory. in addition, expect changes to my about me by the end of today. my computer also is now broken, so i cant work on it (or anything) as often as i want right now. hopefully once this hell month is over ill be able to focus on fun things again.......and also maybe be able to stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on being alive. i still check the site at least once a day!!!!! anyway, peace, update u later :-)

Update 6/28/2023

alright. you all know the deal. p much every page got a minor update, just messing around with making things pretty. new writing and art! still working on cupidville, though expect some bigger updates from it in the weeks/months to come bc i have become an avid acnh player (now that i know how the game actually works), and have been working tirelessly to fix up my island. i am still moving (trying to at least...unu;;) so things are gonna continue to be slow, but with artfight in a few days there will be at least a litttle more art. also! if anyone wants to be my friend on chickensmoothie pls! pm me or send me a trade, i am on there literally all the time and wanna make friends who also are into collecting little pet pictures so i can stop infodumping to my girlfriend about it, lol.

thats about it! have a lovely day :-)

Update 5/31/2023

hey everyone! its been a bit, but i wanted to have something substantial before i made an update post. the Animal Crossing shrine is up! yayyy......its not completely done yet but i am pretty happy with what i have so far, enough to show it off heheh. i recently got injured and thus was couchridden for about the last week, nothing really got done then besides a few writing pieces, speaking of! my writing has some new stuff on it! be sure to check that out.

theres not much to say besides i am so so busy so things are going to continue to be slow for a while, but rest assured, progress has not stopped!!!

Update 5/8/2023

these posts are now being archived!

i have taken a short sabbatical from website building and now that ive come back....i wanna change everything lol. dont worry, i dont plan on doing that just yet, but i am changing the way this main page is layed out, just a bit. first! an archive page for all my past updates and these news posts, which i still plan on making more of when needed. second, ive made an actual todo list for things i want to accomplish here, since i keep forgetting. the "sites i like" section will be moving to its own page, as well as all of the blinkies from my about page (plus more!!)

anyway, as for my life stuff, im starting the process of moving, so things are gonna be slow fur a bit (i say as if my work style isnt extremely erratic) but ill still be around!

i also have a new art page! misc art, which is just everything, unlabeled and unsorted. maybe in the future i will have a better way of organizing stuff, but fur now blehh jsut throw it up there.

tldr: oh no my website is changing again.....

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