ChickenSmoothie Nursery

chickensmoothie is a free online pet collecting and trading game started in 2008. it has become one of my newest obsessions. this is a shrine of sorts to all of my favorite pets, ones ive managed to collect and ones im still looking for. if you like any of them, check out chickensmoothie for yourself, and maybe you can snag one!

my profile!!

Celestial Themed Pets

sun/moon/star patterned pets

Pet's name: Ashae

Pet's name: Puma

Pet's name: Calcifire

Pet's name: collector

Pet's name: [donated - queenjeannette] ★

Pet's name: Thalia

Pet's name: Saavik

Pet's name: Isildur

Pet's name: Dollar


my absolute fav type of cat is the calico, so i am trying to collect as many as i can

Pet's name: cherryshine

Pet's name: smoky

Pet's name: ma belle

Pet's name: Bijou

Favfurite Pets I Own

Pet's name: Aesop

Pet's name: hollytail

Pet's name: Europe

Pet's name: Arkhantos


all the pets i want, but dont have. (updated frequently!)

  • Concept (the artist) pets
  • cheshire cat (store pet)
  • all of may 2017 cat litter
  • every single calico
  • july 2017 cat litter (one left!)
  • nov 2017 cat litter
  • chinese new year 2017
  • oct 2018 cat litter
  • jayfrost special release cat 2018
  • swiftalu calico fish store pet 2019
  • long haired meveh cat litter christmas 2019
  • stuffed lions xmas 2022
  • bernese mountain dogs, st bernards, caucasion sheperds