art dump page

under construction!!!!

a place to dump all my art, unsorted, in a place that isnt dailies or writing. will be completely random bclaws i lov dabbling in evfurrything. may backpost. will mostly be pixels bclaws im lazy and do not like to take pictures of my irl art

a caterpiller with a pacifier
a colorful drawing of a kitty behnd a rainbow, with an eye and tentacles coming out of it
sweetpea standing in front of a transrainfall
me! with a genderfluid and aromantic flag behind me
mspaint drawing of a bat
a dnd chara of mine, calista, in formal wear
brick, a werewolf. he is sad.
frank and annie, they are siblings. this is how happy they wouldve been had all the horrible shit not happened to them
frm a scene of a roleplay i did
sweetpea is having a rough time. also frm a roleplay
another sweetpea roleplay pic
sweetpea thinks he is in danger
who the fuck is this asshole