Freddie Fyrelyght

born and raised on the Fyrelyght family commune, Freddie had been a topic of interest from the moment they took their first breath. They were blessed with the mark of
Freddie is a short and scrawny white nonbinary person with long blonde hair typically done up in pigtail braids. they avoid wearing shoes when they can, and are often dripping with various shiny jewelry/kandi/adornments.


Capt. Madeline Burns: their twin sister, though they had no idea she was even alive until recently. very tense relations, due to both of their upbringings and the guilt that came with it.
Mira Fyrelyght:
The Council:
Ely Coron: Freddies best friend, who they met in college.
Freddie Fyrelyghts first day of work-oneshot