Brick Keyes

Werewolf punk and avid animal lover, Brick left home at 17 to try and make a better life for himself after an incident involving his lycanthropy. he is currently between homes and working on his G.E.D. his best friend is Hawthorn, and his favorite thing to do is draw in the woods. feels hes too big for the world so he hides himself in loud music.
Brick is a six foot tall cis man with dyed red streaks in his hair, a stubbly beard, and (sometimes) brown wolf ears and tail. he can usually be found wearing his leather jacket and boots, and whatever ripped up clothes he has at the time. he is extremely soft spoken and shy. Brick is 17 years old and 6 feet tall.


Hawthorn: best friend! the two of them like going to diy shows together. Brick tries to keep hawthorn away from his worse habits, and generally tries to protect them. He sees hawthorn as a kid sibling. Both brick and hawthorn love pup the band.
Ruby Chordata:
Sweetpea Rose Madder: who crawled up his ass and died? sweetpea is not the nicest guy, but its clear (to brick at least) that hes going through something major.
Eele Electric:
Addie Schaefer:
Mallory Schaefer:
Bobby Jean Clyde:
Ray Maclerie: It embaresses him to admit, but he kinda has a bit of a crush on her. puppy love, if you will.
The Parents: