Eele Electric

This vampire is D.I.Y or die. formerly [REDACTED] Schaefer, Eele ran away from home at 16 to immerse themself in the rave subculture of the 90's. All that partying led them to some dark places, one of which got them turned. a couple decades later and they havent changed much, still a messy, dirty, drug-loving party animal with a mountain of repressed rage. they crave attention and will try and satisfy in the worst ways. word of advice? dont trust anything they say.
Eele is a short (5'0) enby with grey tinted pale skin, lots of piercings and makeup, with pointy ears and red eyes. their hair is cut into a mohawk and styled so that they have "hair horns". they typically wear rave gear, fishnets, colorful makeup, and boots that add about 4 inches to their height. they physically look around 23, but are around 40.


Hawthorn:Honestly, looking at hawthorn kind of makes xem sick.
Ruby Chordata:Fun to party with, but she kind of takes things too seriously.
Sweetpea Rose Madder:
Addie Schaefer:yet another pathetic attempt by the parents at creating a puppet. they hate addie on principle.
Mallory Schaefer: she ruined their fucking life. why the hell did she have to go and die and leave Eele with the parents?
Bobby Jean Clyde: Doesnt like her, gets in their business too much. what is she, their mom?
Ray Maclerie: it absolutely loves pissing her off, for no reason other than its funny. totally not because she looks cute when shes blushing or anything. thats stupid.
The Parents:Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate, they would give anything to destroy both of them.
Brick Keyes:what a cutiepie he is! little baby punk...and the whole "turns into a beast" thing? they want to do drugs with him.
The Hunter: