Ruby Chordata

Ruby was yet another attempt by the Schaefers to create the perfect child. after her brother died, She managed to escape their facility and is attempting to lead as much of a normal life as she can. everything about her is self-made. She's an aspiring necromancer with a passion for making jewelry out of the animal bones she finds in the forest by where she lives, and putting herself through mortuary school (while doing as little actual work as possible). Her brother died a few years ago, and she keeps a memorial to him in her apartment, but thats not the reason she wants to mess around with the balance of life and death. I mean, arent bones just the coolest? She would know. Ruby happens to be part glass frog, which means that her bones are just the slightest bit visible through her skin. Sometimes.
Ruby Chordata is an extremely short trans woman with pink hair typically pulled into twin puffs. She uses a cane the majority of the time, or forearm crutches, as she tends towards being in pain/getting tired easily. most of her clothes are on the comfier side, with lots of bright yellows, blues, and pinks, and sweaters. lots of sweaters. She is twenty-two.


Hawthorn: Ruby thinks Hawthorn's naivete is a little annoying, but overall cares for them as a member of the Estranged Schaefer Club. She usually shoves off all of their random questions onto sweetpea, just because it pisses him off.
Sweetpea Rose Madder: Gossip buddies and gay/lesbian solidarity. They both probably care for each other way more than theyd ever admit. completely awful at being roommates.
Eele Electric: similar to her feelings on hawthorn, she feels eele is a bit too annoying for her taste. she Will, however, go clubbing with xem.
Addie Schaefer: frustrating. the only thing worse than a child is a brainwashed child, in Ruby's opinion.
Mallory Schaefer: an enigma, a source of anger, puzzlement and worship. Who Is Mallory Schaefer, and why was Ruby's whole life ruined for her?
Bobby Jean Clyde:
Ray Maclerie:
The Parents: Hate. She will do anything to destroy them.
Brick Keyes:
The Hunter: