Sweetpea Rose Madder

Sweet doesnt like to talk about his past, and especially does not like to talk about his parents, who are extremely alive thank you very much. he is very good at fawning over cute boys, critiquing romcoms, and painting. their real life romantic endevours rarely go as well as the fanfictions they write, but hey! one day.... he has a horrible fear of fire and anything hot, and suffers from chronic pain and fatigue.
Sweetpea Madder is a tall 22 year old trans person with long blonde hair, let down. they are chubby, and tend to wear clothes that cover his whole body, usually on the side of skirts and sweaters, or lacy shirts. they have a mustache. the left half of their face is covered in a burn scar, and they suffer from hyphema in that eye. the left half of their body is dotted in scars, and the rest is covered by freckles.


Hawthorn: Does not like being alone in a room with them for long, they ask too many questions. pretty decent, for a kid.
Ruby Chordata:sweetpea considers ruby to be his best friend.
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