My Island!

As you step off the plane onto the island of Cupidville, you are greeted by two ice pillars, a calvcade of gyroids and the mayor of the island, who shakes your hand and smiles, leading you around for a tour. As you are shown around, you notice the arcade, the playground, and the memorial park are just a few of the many exciting features of this small, homely town.

Welcome to our humble home! hope your trip was a smooth one. feel free to look around! if you want to learn more about the island, or check out a bunch of fun things to do, take a peek at the Links tab. if you want to know what we're planning next, check out the To-Do tab. and you can meet all our residents on this page too, yes yes!


My Villagers

Name: Roald
Pronouns: he/him
Personality: Jock
About: He loves working out, and he loves his friends more! a bit clueless, he and diva were not friends at first because he didnt really understand "the trans thing", but now they hang out weekly for a sleepover.
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Diva
Pronouns: she/her
About: Trans girl, very high femme, she is extremely into fashion and has recently gotten into working out because of her best friend Roald.
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Apple
Pronouns: he/she/they
Personality: Peppy
About: Apple does study streams and dreams of being a influencer full time. when not streaming, they like cleaning and embroidery!
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Papi
Pronouns: he/they (trying to get comfortable with she)
Personality: Lazy
About: Very unmotivated and depressed, they moved to CupidVille for a fresh start, where they could be who they truly want to be. Meeting Annalisa and being his neighbor was an incredibly lucky circumstance, as now they have someone who will always drag them out of bed when they get a little too in their head.
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Annalisa
Pronouns: she (trying to get comfortable with he)
Personality: Normal
About: Recent He/him lesbian convert, is sort of shy and unsure of himself, him and Papi met as they were both moving onto CupidVille the same day and quickly became best friends due to being the only two on the Heart Island in the middle of CupidVille. they often swap clothes. Annalisa wants to be a writer.
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Bianca
Pronouns: She/her
About: former model and athlete, she has always been a recluse at heart, and after suffering a breakdown on set she moved out to CupidVille for a little alone time. her house is the farthest away from the other residents, and she rarely leaves it except to walk along the beach.
Permanent Resident?: Yep!

Name: Velma
Pronouns: She/her
Personality: Snooty
About: Velma came to CupidVille so she could have peace and quiet while finishing her doctoral research project. so far, not much has gotten done.
Permanent Resident?: .....She is on thin ice.

Name: Marshal
Pronouns: He/him
Personality: Smug
About: Tech bro who came to CupidVille because he lost all his money in the stock market. While he enjoys the scenery, lack of technology is kind of driving him crazy.
Permanent Resident?: No

Name: Boris
Pronouns: he/him
Personality: cranky
About: Boris is a retired oil rig worker who likes watching the younger residents go about their day to day life, and napping. he also longs for one last adventure.
Permanent Resident?: No

Name: Freddie
Pronouns: They/them
Personality: Peppy!
About: The mayor of the island! Loves fashion, known to change their appearance quite frequently. not seen very often, except when embarking on construction projects.