hello! welcome to my art!

Daily Drawings

ever since i went in for treatment late last year, i have found it harder and harder to call myself an artist, a word ive identified with since i was a young child. ive taken a quite extensive break from art, and when i try to pick it up again, i find myself frustrated because i cant do the same things i used to do. then i found a neat little website here which inspired me to do a bit of a spiritual reset, if you will. starting completely over, no expectations. if you hover over, you can find details! right click and u can see the full image

UPDATE AS OF 6/28/2023:

i dont intend on abandoning this entirely, but for at least the next month or so i wont be adding daily drawings. if you want to see more of my art, click here!

The Rules

  • draw something every day

thats it! it could be a squiggle, a smiley face, just as long as i am making something.

daily drawing 1

#1, 4/15/2023

daily drawing 2

#2, 4/16/2023

daily drawing 3

#3, 4/17/2023

daily drawing 4

#4, 4/18/2023

daily drawing 5

#5, 4/19/2023

daily drawing 6

#6, 4/20/2023

daily drawing 7

#7, 4/21/2023

daily drawing 8

#8, 4/22/2023

daily drawing 9

#9, 4/23/2023

daily drawing 10

#10, 4/24/2023

daily drawing 11

#11, 5/1/2023

daily drawing 12

#12, 5/3/2023

daily drawing 13

#13, 5/5/2023

daily drawing 14

#15, 5/19/2023