Hello!! you can call me froggie, i use they them pronouns, and i am the cat who runs this website!!! its kind of purrpetually under construction, but some of the things you can expect to find while your here is my art, writing, and all my ocs and universes! there are plenty of "secrets" laying around as well, so please explore! its all a bit scattered, so watch your step!

this is me, btw

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Things I Like:

Five nights at Freddy's (my favorite character is the daycare attendant frm fnaf security breach but i LOVE all foxy's)

DC! especially harley quinn and the doom patrol!

Undertale and deltarune


more than a passing interest in library science and social work

bobs burgers



sci fi novels



crafting! all kinds, though right now i am learning how to crochet and scrapbook!

web 1.0 stuff

personal blogging by mike grindle

yesterwebs manifesto

yesterweb zine