a mossy swamp bathed in lush greenery lies before you. do you continue on your path?

this is my home. a personal shrine dedicated to the outdoors.

it may seem strange to build a shrine to the outdoors on the internet, but sometimes the areas we live in do not look or feel the way we wish them to. this is an idealized version of the outdoors, meant to provide comfort when such things are not available to us.

who am i?

just a rabbit. a very old rabbit with an appreciation for green things. if you enjoy cryptic writing and moss covered floors, you have come to the right place.

getting started

as this website is still under construction, many aspects are missing/have yet to be filled in with anything at all. regardless, hopefully this guide will lead you where you want to go.

home-where i come from. take a walk through my house, out the back into the deepest woods.

journal- all my journal entries. the archive is not up yet as there is nothing to archive.

creations- the webmasters creations.

about- any burning questions? there may be burning answers.

and if at any point you require escape, leave this place.