Update 10/2/2023

HAH! i did not forget about this place, i have been absolutely consumed by various hyperfixations !!!! soo, very small update mostly consisting of telling y'all what ive been up to! 1, moving went great, i love my new place so so much. (one of my newest fixations is decorating, lol.) 2, i have a fulltime job now!!! i am hoping this means i will be able to push myself to actually finish some of my writing projects, but we shall see. 3, new (old) art for my art dump page, and i have LOTS of new stuff that i have yet to scan in, im hoping to get it in the next week, so keep an eye out. ive gotten really into crafting lately, and i havent decided how im gonna post some of my more 3-d stuff yet, aaaa. on a related note to writing, does anyone else get so caught up on lore accuracy that they just cant finish anything? ive got a couple fnaf oneshots that i really like the concept of, but kind of throw canon out the window, and im not sure if anyone would actually be interested in them. mostly i just have a lot of personal headcanons regarding how the pizzaplex functions, like a "ripley's believe it or not" style touristy musuem segment next to rockstar row. speaking of fnaf, the movie comes out oct 27th!!! im so excited!!!!

sorry for the lack of regular updates (i say, every single time). id say thatll change, but probably not for a while ;-P. take care!!

Update 7/23/2023

ok, so moving has taken a lot more out of me than i thought. didnt really get to anything i said i would lol, but i have finally made the oc page! as of right now the only universe that has content and is mostly finished is Project:Mallory. in addition, expect changes to my about me by the end of today. my computer also is now broken, so i cant work on it (or anything) as often as i want right now. hopefully once this hell month is over ill be able to focus on fun things again.......and also maybe be able to stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on being alive. i still check the site at least once a day!!!!! anyway, peace, update u later :-)

Update 6/28/2023

alright. you all know the deal. p much every page got a minor update, just messing around with making things pretty. new writing and art! still working on cupidville, though expect some bigger updates from it in the weeks/months to come bc i have become an avid acnh player (now that i know how the game actually works), and have been working tirelessly to fix up my island. i am still moving (trying to at least...unu;;) so things are gonna continue to be slow, but with artfight in a few days there will be at least a litttle more art. also! if anyone wants to be my friend on chickensmoothie pls! pm me or send me a trade, i am on there literally all the time and wanna make friends who also are into collecting little pet pictures so i can stop infodumping to my girlfriend about it, lol.

thats about it! have a lovely day :-)

Update 5/8/2023

these posts are now being archived!

i have taken a short sabbatical from website building and now that ive come back....i wanna change everything lol. dont worry, i dont plan on doing that just yet, but i am changing the way this main page is layed out, just a bit. first! an archive page for all my past updates and these news posts, which i still plan on making more of when needed. second, ive made an actual todo list for things i want to accomplish here, since i keep forgetting. the "sites i like" section will be moving to its own page, as well as all of the blinkies from my about page (plus more!!)

anyway, as for my life stuff, im starting the process of moving, so things are gonna be slow fur a bit (i say as if my work style isnt extremely erratic) but ill still be around!

i also have a new art page! misc art, which is just everything, unlabeled and unsorted. maybe in the future i will have a better way of organizing stuff, but fur now blehh jsut throw it up there.

tldr: oh no my website is changing again.....

update 4/24/2023

so, the "journal page", if we can call it that, is up. it seems to have been taken over by some sort of rabbit creature, but the plan is still to archive all of these updates and replace them with one or two journal posts (once i have them.) it is the creation of content that is hard.......daily drawings still going strong! no real updates since the only things ive been working on are minor cosmetic stuff, like site buttons!

also, i have a chickensmoothie account, but have absolutely no idea what to do with it aside from hoard little pets???? i guess??? send help lol. im planning on rehauling my pets page to make it a bit....cuter, and well themed. also started work on handcoding a page, so i can learn how to do that and then maybe redo this place, haha....im slowly realizing that having a website is just constantly changing it. well, i wanted a project.

thats all fur now, slowly but steadily chugging along.

news 4/21/2023

not so much news as it is a pondering. i think im gonna start working on a journal page to put all of these updates on, and maybe only keep one or two on the main page. does that make sense? im a little burned out because ive been doing alot of hardcore social "events", typing this up is like killing my brain i think. very fun coupla days but no time to be a weirdo on the internet, the ideal way 2 charge ur social battery, lol. my daily art is still going strong, i didnt get to upload my 4/19 drawing until this morning, but im still doing a drawing today. also, trying to figure out to make dropdown menus for my nav bar, if any1 knows anyting about that pls let me know. as far as i can tell, it is way too complicated fur me to understand just yet. i have to do work stuff now, but keep an eye out for updates!

news!! 4/16/2023

i have realized something..i may have too many links. aka my sitemap may be a little tedious to slog through, SO! going to be reworking it a bit so that everything is easier to find with less clicks. starting out, poetry pages! ill be moving the daily drawings onto the nav page as well. also! im starting to make my own pixels!!! very exciting, here take a fruit not a big update or anything this time, also me thinks i will not be updating as frequently as i have most of the stuff on here that i want fr right now, so ill just be focusing on filling it up with stuff.

news!! 4/15/2023

so, ive finally put some content on here. pls check out my writing and my poetry pages! im supe purroud of how much ive put into this site so far and i cant wait to get to actually uploading new content instead of just backlogging...

ANYWAY! yesterday i went to see renfield with my buddy frankensteinery! it was very good, i did not like the whole cop lady character, dont think she added much to the story other than just being A Guy for renfield to bounce off of and like, conspire with, but she wasnt awful as an actor or anything! i just dont think we really needed a cop character, or really even a side character. i kinda wish we got to see more of the people from the support group, like maybe if renfield had hung out with them outside of group? also, that ending scene with dracula was so so cathartic, its honestly probably gonna be something i think about for a while, lol.

im hoping to get some more unfinished writing up soon, i feel a little bad having so many unfinished works but at least im making something. also i wanna start making my oc pages. if any1 is into roleplaying, pls let me know!!! i miss it sm and really wanna have the energy to put into it again.

news!! 4/12/2023

hello again! ive hit a bit of a roadblock regarding what my website looks like. call it envy frm seeing so many cool websites out there on neocities, but id really like my place to represent fully me! it just feels like its missing something, i dont know what that thing is yet!

another idea ive had is to do like a daily doodles thing with just silly mspaint doodles, maybe something to get my creativity flowing again. anyway, this isnt really news perse, mosty a life update. my girlfriend has a friend in from out of town, so i dont have alot of time (except at work, lol) to update this website. though who am i kidding, i dont spend alot of time working on internet things outside of work anyway. sigh....well, onto more updates. the poetry section is coming along nicely, im hoping to have all my poetry uploaded to it by the end of the week. i have two collections already made, and a few misc ones i havent thrown somewhere yet. after that, how would people feel about me just embedding google docs of my writing? or would you prefer i imbed them directly onto the website? im open to either, just not sure which would look better.. hearts and kisses all!

news!! 4/10/2023

Hi yay!!! ok so my plan for this is to have a bit of space to talk abt what i plan on doing here with this website, and the progress ive made!! a bit of a blog, i guess. first off, i plan on updating my writing section first and foremost. while working on that (bc it is a big mouthful already) i wanna get this place looking a bit prettier!! adding more links to other fun sites so i have something would be nice too. over all i just wanna get this whole place full of content!!

  • 6/28/2023 to do
  • stay up to date with posting my art lol
  • finish shrine page for animal crossing
  • make shrine pages for homestuck, undertale, fnaf, and legend of zelda!
  • find a way to make a music player
  • make a site layout i actually like
  • get ready for artfight
  • pack :0(

Updated 4/23/2023

  • working on the rabbithing blog site, should be up in a few days!
  • the blood domain(music shrine) is up! very little content as of now..

Updated 4/21/2023

  • created the pets page
  • created a poetry page for poems that i like
  • fixed layout!!!

Updated 4/19/2023

  • check out my pixels! ive added some more heheh
  • continue watching out for kitties

Updated 4/16/2023

  • made some pixels with my (kind of) sona!!
  • watch out for kitties!
  • check out my daily art!

Updated 4/14/2023

  • made a writing page
  • newest writing!click here!
  • have a mood status button!

Updated 4/12/2023

  • added a counter!
  • void poetry collection is now up!click here!
  • comment boxes on poetry pages are working!!

Updated 4/11/2023

  • made a custom header
  • all links should be working now
  • massively simplifying all pages

Updated 4/10/2023

  • added a marquee
  • working on art pages!

Updated 4/9/2023

  • fixed links
  • added scrollbar
  • made things prettier

Updated 4/7/2023

  • added links to other pages
  • fixed colors on main page
  • added a guestbook!